Community Connections

SANDBAG initiates, fosters and provides ongoing support to a broad range of individual, group and broader community connection. This work includes providing a legal ‘umbrella’, administrative, group work, public liability insurance cover, access to amenities and promotional assistance as required. Groups accessing these forms of support are able to get on with efforts to achieve their goals without the sometimes onerous burden of finding the funds and capacity to manage the many activities associated with these often essential aspects of organisational operations.

Over the years a mix of these supports have been provided to a range of groups for differing periods of time based on the changing needs of the group.  The groups have and continue to include those listed in this section and others who you may know who are now providing these operations for themselves or who have moved on these include the following:

  • Bayside Diva’s 
  • Seaside Symphony Orchestra
  • Music by the Sea
  • Einbunpin Festival
  • North East Housing Service
  • Keep Sandgate Beautiful
  • Bramble Bay Watch
  • Brotherhood of the Wordless
  • Community Garden Network 
  • Sandgate Community Garden
  • Ladybirds Social Group
  • 4017 Community Action Group
  • Unplugged Cafe
  • Sandgate Writers Group
  • Book Club

For individuals this support has included support to create public events and activities.