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SANDBAG believes in the power of community and is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals to come together with others around key issues or topics of interest.


SANDBAG believes in the power of community and is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals to come together with others around key issues or topics of interest.  This can occur through structured and ongoing groups or activities or one off events which may be initiated by SANDBAG but importantly are often initiated by community members themselves

A strong and healthy community is one in which all members feel connected to things or others that are important to them and are able to actively participate in community life.

Community Groups and Connection

SANDBAG directly and indirectly supports a number of groups within the local area.

We offer an auspicing capability which provides a legal ‘umbrella’ and a range of support mechanisms (as appropriate for each group) for community groups.  This allows them to focus on their efforts and goals and be supported in areas of insurance, administration, grant fund management and access to amenities and venue space.  A mix of supports can be provided to groups for differing periods of time based on the changing needs of the group.  Auspicing is offered to groups that have a local purpose and social goal which has a broader benefit for community.

Offering this capability is a key part of our belief that community does not always need to be led and directed and that in fact it often should be the role of organisations to support and enable individuals and groups to identify and create the change they want to see.

Community Connect Group

A Social Group which encourages friendship, support and community connections.  The community connect group grew out of a desire by local people to ensure an avenue for peer related support was available to them and others. The group meets at the Sandgate Community each Tuesday and their activities include:
• Games & Recreation
• Social coffee & barbeques
• Planning for Mental Health Week
• Trips to the Cinema & in house movies
• Community Arts Project & Art Therapy

Ladybirds Friendship Group

Ladybirds group formed as a playgroup over twenty years ago. Now as grandparents and friends the group continued to meet weekly to learn, share and extend friendship to others. This is warm, open and very social group that invites you to come and meet with them each week.

For more information please feel free to contact Jenny on ph: 07 32611744 or Alma 07 32615526

Crafty Capers

This gathering happens each Friday from 9.30am- 12 at the Sandgate Community Centre.  Those interested ‘’craftys’’ are welcome to attend and share your love of all things craft with other like minded community members.

Bring along your creations or simply come along to see what might be new that you would like to learn more about. A gold coin donation helps cover the cost of tea / coffee.

Sandgate Art Group

Art classes are held each Friday morning from 9.30am-12 at the Sandgate Community Centre with an experienced teacher guiding your learning experience.

All those with a talent or interest in art are encouraged to come along and share your skills and learn new ones in a relaxed and supportive environment.

A small fee covers the cost of class.  Drop by and experience the joy of creating works of art.

Brotherhood of the Wordless

The Brotherhood of the Wordless have been meeting at the Sandgate Community Centre for many years and is a group of writers who happen to have a disability that meet regularly to write, share their experiences and work on upcoming creative projects.

All members are dependent on facilitated communication which requires a facilitator to support their write and speak out their which are pointed out on a keyboard.

The group prepares and performs their stories annually and are in great demand and have performed at the State Library, Woodford Folk Festival, Sandgate Town Hall and other places.

The group meets monthly on a Wednesday. To find out more here.

CONTACT the Sandgate Community Centre for information about any of the above groups or check out Whats on Page for details on when they next meet.

Community Activities

Unplugged Café

This wonderful community gathering of talented performers and very generous audiences creates a great event for all community members. The candlelight cafe style evening is set up and operated by a great team of volunteers who set up the sound, ensure the performers have what they need and offer a light meal and refreshments.

Everyone is welcome. There is a small charge for admission with the option of purchasing a light meal and alcoholic and other drinks.  Held on the first Friday of every month there is no need to rsvp just drop by on the night!

If you would like to contribute as a performer or volunteer in one of the many roles, please contact Garry by email at ghunt@sandbag.org.au  or phone 3869 3244.

Keep updated by Liking the Unplugged Facebook Page

Community Café

A weekly gathering of community members who share a lunch together and access other supports and information they may require.

Community Café grew out of an expressed need for people to meet and ‘break bread’ with others. A friendly space where all are encouraged to help create a sense of community in this space between 12pm – 1pm the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month at the Sandgate Community Centre.

No need to rsvp, just drop on in every second Wednesday.

Einbunpin Festival

This wonderful annual community festival has been held at the Einbunpin Lagoon for over 20 years. SANDBAG has worked in partnership with Brisbane City Council to run this event and is the auspicing body for the festival.

Einbunpin has continued to go from strength to strength over the years and is a key event on the local calendar attracting close to 10,000 people each year.

The Festival is held on the last Sunday in July each year.  Check out the their website for further information.


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