Our Vision and Values

At SANDBAG Inc. how we do our work is as important as what we actually do.


Our Values

The following values underpin our work:

  • Inclusive – We actively seek difference and are open to new perspectives across all we do

  • Integrity – We are guided by mutual respect and fairness and do everything to meet expectations and learn from our mistakes

  • Collaborative – We respect the knowledge and contributions of others and their ability to strengthen our work

  • Responsive – We listen and respond positively to the changing needs of communality

Our Mission

We aim to Contribute and Create Diverse and Resilient Communities where people Connect, Share and Grow.

To Reduce Isolation and Improve Wellbeing of People, Families and Communities by creating opportunities for Participation and Support.

Our current Strategic Direction (2017-2020) outlines 3 Strategic Priorities.  These drive the organisations activities and ensures the work we do is focussed on individuals and communities, connected and integrated to achieve the best outcomes for people and underpinned by a strong and resilient organisation.

  1. Build and Strengthen our Communities

    We will provide and create opportunities for individuals, families and the community that together build connection, resilience and inclusion

  1. Strive for Excellence in our Practice and Approach

    We will nurture and organisational culture of learning, excellence and collaboration across all our work

  1. Create and Agile and Sustainable Organisation

    We will develop and maintain a commitment to smart systems and business acumen to be able to sustain our work and outcomes for individuals, families and community

Click here for a copy of our Strategic Plan 2017-2020

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