Domestic and Family Violence Counselling and Support

SANDBAG believes that all individuals should be able live and participate in community without fear of violence.

Domestic and Family Violence Counselling and Support

SANDBAG has been providing counselling, support and community advocacy for many years around the area of Domestic and Family Violence.

We believe all women and children should be able to feel safe and fully participate in community without fear of violence.

We offer individual counselling and support for women and children; therapeutic groups for women and a range of community activities aimed at raising awareness and creating change.

SANDBAG Counselling services are certified and operate in compliance with the requirements of Human Services Quality Standards HSQS:2012.

Counselling and Support

SANDBAG offers specialised counselling for women and children (5+ years) free of charge who have been affected by Domestic and Family Violence.

All counselling is confidential and aims to assist people to develop understanding, explore and resolve their issues and make changes in their lives.

Our counsellors use a collaborative, strengths base approach.  This means YOUR’RE  the expert about your life and experiences and we work with you to decide on goals, strengthen yours skills and identify your resources.

Our counsellors all have qualifications in the areas of Social Science and or Counselling fields.

Where it is identified that additional support is required we will link you to other appropriate support services to assist you.

Therapeutic Groups

Groups are offered to support women who have been affected by Domestic and Family Violence to encourage women to:

  • Look after their physical & emotional well being
  • Explore their thoughts & feelings
    • Rebuild their Confidence & Self Esteem
    • Build positive & supportive relationships with others
    • Gain information that will allow them to make informed choices and regain control over their lives.

S.H.E. Group – offered twice a year ‘’S.H.E’’ is a group for women who have been affected by Domestic Violence.   This is a free, confidential eight week program facilitated by two counsellors combining therapeutic and educational components.  The group will address issues such as:

  • The impact of violence & abuse on women and children
  • Safety for both women & children
  • Personal strengths and resourcefulness

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Child Minding

SANDBAG offers the option of child-minding free of charge (notice required) to ensure that any barriers that exist for women to accessing counselling and support (including attendance of groups) are minimized.


All information is treated as confidential between you and the counsellor or any other staff member or volunteer from SANDBAG.  Information can only be shared with others if you provide your authority.

Raising Awareness

SANDBAG works developmentally to raise awareness of Domestic and Family Violence and create community change which is long lasting.

We participate in a range of community forums and networks with other community service organisations in an attempt to unite around the issues; coordinate our approach and resources and improve our response for women and children.

Working in and with the broader community is a core part of SANDBAG’s history.

Annual Peaceful Walk

Our annual Peaceful Walk has been occurring for over 20 years during Domestic Violence Prevention Month each year.

This community event harnesses the strength and power of community coming together to very publically and visually walk together down the main street of Sandgate in the 4017 area to raise the awareness of Domestic and Family Violence at the local level.

Stakeholders from across all areas of community including policing and law, community support organisations, individual community members and groups and schools all stand together to create change.

The 2017 Annual Peaceful Walk culminated in a Community Lecture and Conversation at the Sandgate Town Hall to link with the question which is located at bottom of page.

What is the role of Community in Preventing Domestic and Family Violence?

Our panel discussed with the audience the real and practical ways that community can take a role in changing the environment of Domestic and Family Violence.

We were thrilled to have panel members Rochelle Courtney (Share the Dignity), Sergeant Kerry McKay (Domestic and Family Violence Co-ordinator, North Brisbane District), Maggie Daunt (Programs Manager SANDBAG), Melissa Poulier (Act for Kids) attend and support this important discussion.

Do you want to get involved in a Community Conversation?

As a result of our Peaceful Walk in May 2017 in Sandgate, we are hosting a range of community conversations to continue the discussion and really create some momentum within the North Brisbane area for local community members to take a key leading role in community around Domestic and Family Violence.

The group is currently identifying their future strategies and focus.  If you would like to get involved contact Kylie
on or via 07 3869 3244.

SANDBAG is not a crisis service.
If your situation requires urgent emergency assistance,
please contact

For women living with Domestic Violence wishing to access 24hr crisis support/counselling,
please contact DVConnect womensline:
1800 811 811 or National Sexual Assault,
Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service (24/7)
1800 7377328 (

Mensline offers assistance to men (9am – midnight, 7 days per week)
in relation to domestic violence:
1800 600 636

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