Individual Support

SANDBAG is committed to ensuring all individuals have access to appropriate and relevant support.

Individual Support

SANDBAG is committed to ensuring all individuals have access to appropriate and relevant support and assistance that allows them to access immediate practical support, address specific issues and challenges and rebuild their lives after crisis or life event.

Information and Referral

Information and Referral is provided to individuals and families to link and support them in accessing a wide range of supports and information within the community.    SANDBAG is not an emergency relief provider and does not hold emergency relief funds, but we do link people with local agencies that are able to assist with food and other types of relief in periods of crisis.

Additionally SANDBAG offers and partners with other agencies to provide a range of food support options including:

  • Community Café
  • St Paddy’s Food Van

This includes the facilitation of a range of visiting services to the centre in key areas of identified need.  Currently this includes:

  • Tax Help
  • Institute for Urban Indigenous Health
  • Practical Supports

Practical Supports

Access to a range of practical supports are provided through the Sandgate Community Centre to assist individuals.  This includes:

  • Public access computers – Services include internet access, Microsoft Office Programs, photocopying and printing. If you require printing you will be required to give a small donation for cost of supplies.
  • Phones, fax, photocopying
  • Beverages and community kitchen facilities
  • Toilets, shower and laundry facilities
  • Specialist visiting support services such as housing,
  • Open friendly spaces to connect with peers


General Counselling and support is offered to people experiencing difficult life circumstances.  This includes supporting people with matters including but not limited to grief and loss, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Children and Young People – We offer a range of programs for primary and high school students.  We can assist with family breakdown by working directly with young people and their families or caregivers to resolve conflict and improve relationships.

For more information, please contact

Garry HuntCommunity Support Worker
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