SQW Traineeship Application Form

This program is designed for people who are:

  • Ineligible for Australian Government Employment Services or assistance (Job Active or Disability Employment Services providers); or
  • Require complementary services because they have significant barriers to learning and employment; or
  • Have accessed Australian Goverment Employment Serices (through Job Active or Disability Employment Services) for more than 6 months and remain unemployed; or
  • Parents returning to the workforce; or
    Job seekers that do not receive Centrelink benefits
e.g. Year 10
e.g. 2017
e.g. Provide First Aid, 2020
e.g. White Card, Working at Heights Ticket, etc...
Please provide an explanation of any prior experience

Please provide the details of a person who would be happy to provide you a reference (work references are preferable).

SANDBAG Inc. collects the above requested information for the sole purpose of delivering the SQW program and will keep this information and any additional information and/or supporting documentation you may be asked to provide, to meet the requirements of it SQW services agreement with the Queensland Government. SANDBAG Inc. will treat your personal details confidentially and store them securely in line with organisational policies and procedures. It will not share any of your information, except for program progress report to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training or as otherwise required under its service agreement or with your direct approval to provide you with job search and other relevant assistance.

  • Failure to provide the requested information my lead to my expression of interest not being further considered or delayed pending further consideration and possible discussion with me
  • If I am selected for this position but have provided false or misleading information, my employment may be instantly terminated
  • My submission of this expression of interest does not guarantee me a place for participation in the SQW program
  • I may be asked to provide additional information and/or supporting documenation to SANDBAG Inc. during the selection process
  • I must advise SANDBAG Inc. upon commencement of employment after completing my traineeship for SQW reporting requirements

The SANDBAG team were an absolute pleasure to interact with,
very professional in their approach and workmanship,
a credit to the team that drive and direct them.

 – Thomas Grice, President of Volunteer Marine Rescue, Brisbane.

Our Training Programs

We currently offer training in the following areas; Construction, Conservation & Land Management, and Individual Support (Disability). These programs provide local people experiencing unemployment the opportunity to increase their ability to gain employment through training and skills development. Participants obtain a nationally accredited certification, and ‘real-world’ experience along with connections with employers and industry experts.

Participants also receive tailored learning and barrier management support to help them achieve their study and work goals. These programs are completely free and at no cost to participants and are proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.

Our Programs in more detail

Construction – an 18 week full time paid traineeship that provides skills and training to people keen to secure a career in the booming construction industry. Participants gain accredited training – Certificate I in Construction delivered by the Australian Industry Skills Group (ASG) along with industry tickets such as White Card, Confined Space and Working at Heights. This traineeship allows participants to apply their knowledge in a practical sense by undertaking minor building works under the supervision of a licensed builder. Projects are located at SANDBAG’s premises and at several other not-for-profit community organisations in the local Sandgate area.

Conservation & Land Management – a 19 week full time paid traineeship that provides skills and training for a career in the Green Sector such as Landscaping or Horticulture. Participants gain accredited training – Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management, along with White Card, Chainsaw Ticket and First Aid qualification. Participants will work under the direction of a Skilled Supervisor to gain practical skills by undertaking conservation and land management projects with SANDBAG’s community and business partners.

Individual Support (Disability) – this 15 week part time study program (unpaid) offers participants the highly sought after qualification – Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) along with 120 hours of industry placement. This program provides skills and training for those keen to secure a career in the growth sector of individual support in preparation for the NDIS. Participants receive a range of extra industry workshops and insight from SANDBAG’s very own Community Linking Access Service.


Construction – October 2020