Directions Survey

Please provide your input to help shape the future direction of SANDBAG.

The SANDBAG Board is charged with a number of responsibilities including the provision of a strategic direction in consultation with the CEO.

The current Strategic Plan was developed for a three year period ending in 2020, and the Board has been implementing a plan to review the current strategy.

Our current Vision is still robust and should stand – “Diverse and resilient communities where people connect, share and grow”

Our Values still underpin all our plans, decisions and actions – “Inclusive, Integrity, Collaborative, Responsive”

Our Mission is still robust – “To reduce isolation and improve the wellbeing of people, families and communities by creating opportunities for participation and support”.

Strategic Goals – The current strategic goals focused on the previous 3 years and the purpose of this survey is to seek contributions from our members and stakeholders to frame new strategic goals for the coming 3 years to ensure that our strategic direction and business plans align with the community environment, client and community needs.

The above elements of our strategy can be reviewed here.

How You Can Assist

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on us all in many ways and it may have created new groups of people who could benefit from SANDBAG’s assistance. Our staff have been developing creative ways to adapt our services and are also thinking of new and emerging community needs. Your insights will assist greatly in this regard.

The Board invites SANDBAG members, staff, board members, members of our local community, and other stakeholders to respond to our Directions Survey in an open and objective way to provide the Board with insights into how we are currently performing and more importantly, potential future directions and priorities for SANDBAG for the coming 3-5 years.

Your contributions will be treated in strict confidence and can be anonymous if you wish. We will combine them with all other contributions to provide insights into community and client needs, priorities and how SANDBAG Management should respond.  The survey results are one of many resources which will be used to create our next Strategic plan.

If you wish to discuss the questionnaire further with a board member please send an email to the Sandbag Board secretary and we will respond:

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