A Visit to Green P Farm


When we arrive at the farm at about 2pm, it’s uncharacteristically sunny. Following a spate of rainy days, the saturated blue of the sky makes me squint as I walk behind Daniel over the racetrack. As we walk, he tells me about himself: it’s his first week as coordinator and he is eager to [...]

A Visit to Green P Farm2021-04-30T10:27:00+10:00

Volunteer Spotlight – Nikneet Kaur Sethi


I joined the team as a [phone] counsellor for SANDBAG Connect where I learned how to use my skills for telephone counselling, then moved on to Reflecting Team counselling sessions. I learned about counselling clients with Domestic Violence experiences and gained new information and skills through the debriefs and clinical supervision. One thing I want [...]

Volunteer Spotlight – Nikneet Kaur Sethi2021-02-02T18:19:56+10:00

Volunteer Spotlight: Shantell Hoenig


Shantell commenced a student placement with SANDBAG’s Domestic Violence and Family Counselling Program in September 2017. Whilst juggling family, university studies and life in general, Shantell became a committed and enthusiastic team member. “Working at SANDBAG has been a rewarding and enriching experience.” Shantell was given the opportunity to train in the many facets [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Shantell Hoenig2019-12-20T16:26:34+10:00
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