I joined the team as a [phone] counsellor for SANDBAG Connect where I learned how to use my skills for telephone counselling, then moved on to Reflecting Team counselling sessions. I learned about counselling clients with Domestic Violence experiences and gained new information and skills through the debriefs and clinical supervision. One thing I want to take away from our debriefs is the idea of change – from a young age we are taught that change and progress looks like an upward graph but at SANDBAG I discovered that it could also look like a spiral where you go up and down in your journey, but you are never at the same place where you started. One thing that kept me connected to SANDBAG was the acceptance, understanding and love I received from everyone in the counselling team. Being from a different culture and country, I never felt that I was being judged or misunderstood; I could just be myself without feeling uncomfortable. It was a great journey of experiences and learnings at SANDBAG.

Thank you,

Nikneet Kaur Sethi

Volunteer Counsellor Nikneet Sethi