SANDBAG are delighted to announce that a specialist Child & Family Counsellor is joining our Domestic and Family Violence Counselling service from the beginning of 2021.

This new role has been enabled through the support of the Queensland Government’s Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women who committed $100,000 to SANDBAG from their second tranche of COVID-19 funding. We are grateful to Di Farmer MP and the Queensland State Government for this funding, and the support of Stirling Hinchliffe MP (State), Anika Wells MP (Federal), Councillor Sandy Landers, Councillor Jared Cassidy, and many others who have assisted to raise awareness around the critical need for this service.

This funding will allow us to provide an additional 800 hours of children’s counselling to assist kids affected by domestic and family violence between now and 30 September 2021.

SANDBAG continues to actively seek out additional grants, philanthropic donations, and corporate partnerships that would enable us to continue this vital service beyond 30 September 2021. Anyone who is interested in supporting SANDBAG’s children’s counselling service is invited to contact our CEO Philip Brookes on (07) 3869 3244 or email