A Visit to Green P Farm


When we arrive at the farm at about 2pm, it’s uncharacteristically sunny. Following a spate of rainy days, the saturated blue of the sky makes me squint as I walk behind Daniel over the racetrack. As we walk, he tells me about himself: it’s his first week as coordinator and he is eager to [...]

A Visit to Green P Farm2021-04-30T10:27:00+10:00

Volunteer Spotlight – Nikneet Kaur Sethi


I joined the team as a [phone] counsellor for SANDBAG Connect where I learned how to use my skills for telephone counselling, then moved on to Reflecting Team counselling sessions. I learned about counselling clients with Domestic Violence experiences and gained new information and skills through the debriefs and clinical supervision. One thing I want [...]

Volunteer Spotlight – Nikneet Kaur Sethi2021-02-02T18:19:56+10:00

SANDBAG secures a $100,000 children’s counselling grant!


SANDBAG are delighted to announce that a specialist Child & Family Counsellor is joining our Domestic and Family Violence Counselling service from the beginning of 2021. This new role has been enabled through the support of the Queensland Government's Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women who committed $100,000 to SANDBAG from their second [...]

SANDBAG secures a $100,000 children’s counselling grant!2020-11-29T08:08:42+10:00

Skilling Queenslanders for Work is kicking off at SANDBAG now


Skilling Queenslanders for Work at SANDBAG was successful in receiving funding from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training. As a result, we are offering three programs over the next 12 months: Certificate I Construction, Certificate I Conservation and Land Management (CALM) and Certificate III Individual Support. Firstly we would like to say [...]

Skilling Queenslanders for Work is kicking off at SANDBAG now2020-10-21T13:47:14+10:00

CLAS Overcoming all obstacles to access the community


“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”– Michael Jordan While I am not a basketball fan, Michael Jordan’s words definitely resonate with the team at SANDBAG Community Linking and Access [...]

CLAS Overcoming all obstacles to access the community2020-10-28T13:56:03+10:00

60 Years strong! – A Seniors Week Anniversary Generation Exchange


Seniors Week celebrated its 60th anniversary this year! To commemorate the anniversary, SANDBAG, The Brighton Wellness Hub, and Jabiru Community College collaborated in hosting a 'Generation Exchange' event. The event was hosted at The Brighton Wellness Hub. To personify this generation exchange, a group of students from Jabiru participated in a series of activities [...]

60 Years strong! – A Seniors Week Anniversary Generation Exchange2020-10-28T14:28:51+10:00

SANDBAG’s Response to Coronavirus COVID-19


As we are all now aware, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a dramatic impact around the globe and Australia is taking unprecedented actions to quell the spread of the virus. Here at SANDBAG, we have already taken a number of precautionary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our community members, [...]

SANDBAG’s Response to Coronavirus COVID-192020-03-19T12:30:46+10:00

Volunteer Spotlight: Shantell Hoenig


Shantell commenced a student placement with SANDBAG’s Domestic Violence and Family Counselling Program in September 2017. Whilst juggling family, university studies and life in general, Shantell became a committed and enthusiastic team member. “Working at SANDBAG has been a rewarding and enriching experience.” Shantell was given the opportunity to train in the many facets [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Shantell Hoenig2019-12-20T16:26:34+10:00

Queensland Training Awards Finalist


SANDBAG was proud to be named a finalist in the Queensland Training Awards for the Community Initiative Category.  Our Building our Community Training Program funded through the Queensland Governments Skilling Queenslanders for Work Initiative has been an incredible success with over 70% of participants gaining employment as a result.    To find out more about future [...]

Queensland Training Awards Finalist2020-03-18T09:16:11+10:00

4017 Community Conversation


“What is the Role of Community in the Prevention of Domestic Violence?”. Turns out the answer is “Lots!”. We are hosting community conversations to engage people in a community conversation around how individuals can take a more active role within the 4017 area.  To find out more contact mdaunt@sandbag.org.au

4017 Community Conversation2018-07-06T08:46:08+10:00
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